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Hoddle skateboards was founded in 2016 in Naarm, Melbourne by the late Keegan Walker and Dale Van Lersel. 
Hoddle’s name comes from the way the city of Melbourne was laid out as a grid when it was first built by Robert Hoddle.
Keegan Walker passed away in 2019 and as a virtue to his character and vision, Hoddle was kept alive to honour our friend. Hoddles aim is to keep his core value of street skating and artistic collaboration which are the driving direction of the brand and community approach which Hoddle endeavours to have.
This vision of collaboration through friendship has allowed Hoddle to work with many creatives, artists, filmers and musicians. Through a seamless vision and punk attitude of presenting artwork in a bold and distinctive way. Hoddle also has strong cues to passport skateboards.
Over the past six years Hoddle has created and stood alongside various global projects. That includes a series of Videos produced by hoddle which are, Lost in the Grid, Heavy Mayo and Stan Ray. As a part of these collaborations we have been able to activate certain events including a major day event at the Mpavilion in 2022 hosted by the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria). Through the community that stands and has been established through Hoddle it has allowed us to raise money and awareness about Australian Indigenous cultures and help pay the rent, through a long time friend Eden Fisk we have worked on two projects to help aid the Black lives matter movement and donate money to the family of Cassius Clay. 
Our team is – Shaun Paul, Jack Kirk, Digby Luxton, Simon Zuzic, Raphael Langslow, Dean Johnston, Caeylen Norris, Jimmy Roche, Noah Smith and Reef Condon.

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